Coal Ash is the byproduct of burning coal to generate electricity.  It also contains several toxic, harmful substances that are known to cause cancer, impact child development, cause kidney and liver failure, and a litany of other health problems.  Traditionally, this material has been held in coal ash ponds that surround the coal-fired power plants.

Unfortunately, Georgia Power’s coal ash ponds across the state are not lined and a recent report from Earthjustice, utilizing Georgia Power’s data from test wells, revealed that nearly all of Georgia Power’s coal burning plants are leaking toxic chemicals into Georgia’s groundwater – including ponds at Plants Hammond in Coosa and Bowen in Cartersville.  Earlier this year, Georgia Power announced that they intend to excavate the ponds at Bowen and install a liner before capping those ponds but no such plan has been introduced for a coal ash pond at Plant Hammond that is located right next to the Coosa River.

We would love to see the pond in question removed and placed in a lined and capped facility – similar to the plans for Plant Bowen’s coal ash announced earlier this year.  CLICK HERE to read more from the Rome News-Tribune.