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The CRBI River Swim Guide is a weekly bacteriological monitoring program that monitors popular recreation areas in our river basin to determine if it is safe to swim.  The goal of this program is to protect public health, execute best practices in the field and in the lab, and improve water quality and enjoy ourselves while doing so! We want people to be well informed and feel safe when they get outdoors to enjoy their summer.  This is why each Thursday & Friday from Memorial Day until Labor Day we are dedicated to testing water quality. 


We currently have several openings for field technicians and one opening for a Laboratory manager for the 2024 Swim Guide season. These positions run end of May through early September and require you to drive to location in your own vehicle every Thursday during our swim guide season. If you’re excited to gain lab experience and improve public health this Summer read on to apply!

Title: Field Technician 

The Field Technician (FT) is responsible for collecting water quality samples in the field while ensuring that the samples collected adhere to our strict quality control standards.  The FT is responsible for managing their specific route sample collection as well as the water quality data recorded. The FT needs a deep understanding of the community‚Äôs need and how this program addresses that need.

CLICK HERE for a detailed job description and required qualifications.

Title: Laboratory Manager 

The Laboratory Manager (LM) has an overall responsibility for management and maintenance of the laboratory and weekly water quality testing for the Swim Guide. The LT manages all data points for around 30 sites over the course of 17 weeks from May to September. The LT also assists the Executive Director with tasks and bacteriological studies to better educate the public about the science behind Swim Guide. Additionally, the LT provides crucial support with outreach and communications about the data itself. As a LT, you are expected to make informed decisions in the lab while also adhering to strict Quality Assurance protocol.

Due to the level of responsibility that comes with this role, CRBI will offer a stipend. The amount of the stipend will be determined prior to start date.

CLICK HERE for a detailed job description and required qualifications.

To Apply:

For university students: You can apply through the Partnership for Innovative Inclusion for an opportunity for the internship to be paid here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are applying through PIN (Partnership for Innovative Inclusion) the scope of the internship you will be applying to is more extensive and your time commitment to the internship is 5 days per week. You can find out the full scope of the internship expectations here.

If you are only interested in joining the Swim Guide team the time commitment of Thursdays for field techs or Thursdays and Fridays for Lab Manager you can apply by sending your resume and cover letter to info@coosa.org

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