April 1, 2020

2020 Upper Coosa Kayak Paintball League

kayak paintball logo.jpg

Do you play paintball? Do you kayak?  Have you ever thought it would be fun to combine the two?  You are not alone!

Coosa River Basin Initiative wants to make your kayak paintball league dreams come true.  Unfortunately, we had to postpone sign-up for the league this season due to social distancing requirements.  Although we are disappointed, we want to put our members’ safety first.  We also believe this will be an even bigger hit as everyone will need to blow off steam once shelter in place is over.  How better to blow off that steam than by enjoying our beautiful waterways and pelting your buddies with biodegradable paintballs.

As always, CRBI is continuing our important work, keeping a close watch over our waterways.

CRBI is a 501c3 non profit organization and member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance. Its mission is to protect, preserve, and restore one of North America’s most biologically diverse river systems, the upper Coosa River basin.

Also, this is completely fake.  April Fools!